Sunday, February 13, 2011

When Love is in the air...

Life is not all smiles
It has its share of tears…
The former being less than the later
But there is a feeling that can make the clouds disappear…
It is the feeling of Love.

It can make you glow in the darkest of night
It sets you free yet it holds you tight
It can make you do all things silly
Makes you heavy to see a blooming Lilly

When you are in love –
You feel this world is not enough
You want to age together
Scale mountains high and rough

It makes the world a beautiful sight
Makes the sun glow bright, and the moon so white
The cold rain on your lips feels so warm
When your Love holds your arm

You live in fear of losing your heart
You shed tears when your love is hurt
But pain makes your love grow longer
A look into the eyes, you see your future grow stronger.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A mystery called woman

A creation of complexity,
A flower with differently hued petals;
The last of the creation -
an embellishment to the life on earth.
Born out of testosterone,
She imbibed a part of every creation,
The highest of all forms
A mystery that is yet to be solved.

A form so elegant,
Like a sculptor's creation of love;
She is the epitome of all that is beautiful
An effigy of serenity, an angel in the purest form...

She is the Power, the Courage to lead a war...
The brightest fire to burn out the cold and the dark
yet she can be the very black night to take the light out of your life.
Like a parasite she will eat away your soul,
And you so willingly will surrender to her power...

When she is a mother, a daughter or a loving sister
Or a friend and a doting wife,
She will take away your pain with her love and care...
And sacrifice herself just to see you alive.

She is a silent prayer of a troubled mind,
A meditation of a searching soul
she is the reflection of the creator's mind,
A mystery in the form of a woman.

The Flower

Her beauty is unparalleled.
A look at her and you will fall in love,
She mesmerizes with her fragrance -
Making her admirers to be close to her...

In her numerous forms,
She adds beauty to wherever she goes -
The elegance of the morning dew on her shoulder,
A colorful rainbow in a vast green meadow
A smile to a teary eye...

But she is forever oblivious of her power,
A favor done to the human race...
She seems to be born with all these purpose -
To add beauty, color and odor
And happiness and smile forever...

When she is born -
She does not know how long she would be there...
She might live a youthful life
Or live to see a weathered end
Or she might get plucked when she has just started...
But she never stops living her purpose
Spreading her beauty and adding color to the earth,
The fragrance she adds to the wind blowing over her
She lives with a happy face smiling like a flower -
She knows nobody lives forever.

Mind your privacy!

A little girl… wearing her white and blue school uniform… must be returning from her school … she was with a woman carrying her school bag… must be her mother… she was sitting right opposite to me with that little girl…

The little girl, oh! She was a sweetheart, the cutest I’ve ever seen, munching away her bar of Dairy-milk, talking away either to herself or with her mother… she was so animated…all the time swaying her two little legs to and fro or moving her hands in various gestures…trying to prove a point or two or clearing her queries about the unreal world which is so different from her own…

Her mother got tired of clearing her doubts and stopped responding… she understood and so stopped nagging her and returned to her own world which she found more familiar than the one she was actually residing in. It was her own world, her real home, where she did not have to worry about anything; she did not have to take permission from anyone for anything…she was a free bird…

She started humming a tune…her own song…then gradually when she got into the rhythm she started moving and making dancing gestures in her seat…she was making different forms with her hands – her very own mudras… at one point she even got down from her seat, balanced herself and was about to do a full-fledged jig when she was pulled back to her seat by reality – her mother. But she could not care less and carried on in her crazy dream world. She continued with her hand gestures, rolling eyes and mumbled humming…totally unaware of the outside world.

The train compartment – it was fairly crowded… there were people from the real adult world where people mind their own business all the time yet never leaving an opportunity to poke their nose into other people’s life, people who are concerned about their own privacy but never stops discussing other people’s private matters…

The little girl – she had all these reality around her, constantly staring and ogling at her… but she was completely oblivious… they could not take her out of her own world… they could not break into her privacy… she had it all locked up in her mind…

Friends forever...

You are my smiling clown in a gloomy crowed
Whatever I do, I do to make you proud
Together we reside in a world of madness and illusion
Sharing our smiles, tears and delusion.

In our own world we make fun of each other
But try to tear us apart when attacked by an outsider!
When one falls down the other wipes the tear
A warm smile wards off all the impending fear...

In this made race of life, when the dark night is near
You are my moon, shining bright and clear
It is this bond that we share
Keeps me going when happiness seems so rare

A healing touch - the miracle of life
A magician that keeps the faith alive
Friendship - a gift to mankind
A feeling to keep us bind.

Love to see you cry!

It hurts to see you cry

But underneath why do I smile?

I promise to be together

Forever, till the end of time.

I keep your heart close to mine

And drive away all your fears...

But in my heart I know you won’t be there –

To hold my hand when the end is here…

And now when the sky is bright,

Your tears are dry and you are light

Like a feather you take your flight

Leaving me behind…

Waiting for the rains to bring you near…

Memories on my rear-view mirror...

O! That feeling of warmth and that sound of mirth… I still miss them; I still crave them though it’s been long…
A look at my rear view mirror and I still see them, I see those hands waving, the smiles biding me farewell… I can feel the beating of the hearts, the moist eyes asking me if I could stay a little longer… but I couldn’t have stayed back. How could I? I could see my dreams turning into reality… my future shining so bright… a whole new world a whole new experience, waiting just for me to come and take its hand… I had to go.
Today see where I’ve reached. My family, my mom and dad, my friends back there… all are so proud of me, proud of what I have achieved. Today am at the peak of success…a huge place to live in, a number of wheels to drive in, I can buy everything my heart feels like. There are so many people all around me, wanting to serve me with all their might. They agree to whatever I say, I lead and they follow wherever I go. I can buy anything that my heart feels like...
But every morning as I wake up, why do I feel so cold? Everyday why do I ask myself - where have I reached? Am I lost? When will I go home? I try to look back but I cannot find the road I came along... I was too blind when I was leaving my home. If I could only buy back my happiness, the warmth of my home, my friends who would still die to put a smile on my face...If only I could buy what my heart really wishes for... I would have been proud of what I have achieved!!!