Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Flower

Her beauty is unparalleled.
A look at her and you will fall in love,
She mesmerizes with her fragrance -
Making her admirers to be close to her...

In her numerous forms,
She adds beauty to wherever she goes -
The elegance of the morning dew on her shoulder,
A colorful rainbow in a vast green meadow
A smile to a teary eye...

But she is forever oblivious of her power,
A favor done to the human race...
She seems to be born with all these purpose -
To add beauty, color and odor
And happiness and smile forever...

When she is born -
She does not know how long she would be there...
She might live a youthful life
Or live to see a weathered end
Or she might get plucked when she has just started...
But she never stops living her purpose
Spreading her beauty and adding color to the earth,
The fragrance she adds to the wind blowing over her
She lives with a happy face smiling like a flower -
She knows nobody lives forever.

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