Sunday, February 13, 2011

When Love is in the air...

Life is not all smiles
It has its share of tears…
The former being less than the later
But there is a feeling that can make the clouds disappear…
It is the feeling of Love.

It can make you glow in the darkest of night
It sets you free yet it holds you tight
It can make you do all things silly
Makes you heavy to see a blooming Lilly

When you are in love –
You feel this world is not enough
You want to age together
Scale mountains high and rough

It makes the world a beautiful sight
Makes the sun glow bright, and the moon so white
The cold rain on your lips feels so warm
When your Love holds your arm

You live in fear of losing your heart
You shed tears when your love is hurt
But pain makes your love grow longer
A look into the eyes, you see your future grow stronger.

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